ASC Publications

Summer 2018


  • 5/1/18 – Jessa Lingel. “A Bookmobile Critique of Institutions, Infrastructure, and Precarious Mobility” (Public Culture)
  • 5/8/18 – Ken Winneg, Dan Romer, Kathleen Hall Jamieson. “Differences Between Florida and the Rest of the United States in Response to Local Transmission of the Zika Virus: Implications for Future Communication Campaigns” (Risk Analysis)
  • 5/9/18 – Sean Westwood, Erik Peterson, Yphtach Lelkes. “Are There Still Limits on Partisan Prejudice?” (The Journal of Politics)
  • 5/15/18 – Allyson Volinsky, Elissa Kranzler, Laura Gibson, Robert Hornik. “Tobacco 21 Policy Support by U.S. Individuals Aged 13-25 Years: Evidence From a Rolling Cross-Sectional Study (2014 – 2017)” (American Journal of Preventive Medicine)
  • 5/15/18 – Julia Ticona. “Trusted Strangers: Carework Platforms’ Cultural Entrepreneurship in the On-Demand Economy” (New Media & Society)
  • 5/19/18 – Hye-Yon Lee, Diana Mutz. “Changing Attitudes Toward Same-Sex Marriage: A Three-Wave Panel Study” (Political Behavior)
  • 5/21/18 – Book: Klaus Krippendorff. “Content Analysis: An Introduction to Its Methodology, 4th Edition” (Sage)


  • 6/1/18 – Dan Romer, Patrick Jamieson, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Azeez Adebimpe. “Parental Desensitization to Gun Violence in PG-13 Movies” (Pediatrics)
  • 6/5/18 – Germaine Halegoua, Jessa Lingel. “Lit Up and Left Dark: Failures of Imagination in Urban Broadband Networks” (New Media & Society)
  • 6/8/18 – Damon Centola, Joshua Becker, Devon Brackbill, Andrea Baronchelli. “Experimental Evidence for Tipping Points in Social Convention” (Science)
  • 6/9/18 – Yphtach Lelkes. “Affective Polarization and Ideological Sorting: A Reciprocal, Albeit Weak, Relationship” (De Gruyter)
  • 6/11/18 – Helena C. Lyson, Jingwen Zhang, Damon Centola. “Social Media as a Tool to Promote Health Awareness: Results from an Online Cervical Cancer Prevention Study” (Journal of Cancer Education)
  • 6/11/18 – Diana Mutz. “The Real Reasons Liberals Drink Lattes” (PS: Political Science & Politics)
  • 6/12/18 – Book: Damon Centola. “How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions” (Princeton University Press)
  • 6/16/18 – Joseph Cappella. “Temporal Effects of Message Congruency on Attention to and Recall of Pictorial Health Warning Labels on Cigarette Packages” (Nicotine & Tobacco Research)
  • 6/18/18 – Dan Romer, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Patrick Jamieson. “Misleading Claims About Tobacco Products in YouTube Videos: Experimental Effects of Misinformation on Unhealthy Attitudes” (Journal of Medical Internal Research)
  • 6/19/18 – Elisa Baek, Emily Falk. “Persuasion and Influence: What Makes a Successful Persuader?” (Current Opinion in Psychology)
  • Book Chapter: Douglas Guilbeault, Joshua Becker, Damon Centola. “Complex Contagions: A Decade in Review” in Complex Spreading Phenomena in Social Systems (Springer)


  • 7/2/18 – Jen Jack Gieseking, Jessa Lingel, Daniel Cockayne. “Whats Queer About Internet Studies Now?” (First Monday)
  • 7/5/18 – Ken Winneg, Kathleen Hall Jamieson. “Legacy and Social Media Respectively Influence Risk Perceptions and Protective Behaviors During Emerging Health Threats: A Multi-Wave Analysis of Communications on Zike Virus Cases” (Social Science & Medicine)
  • 7/9/18 – Joseph Cappella. “Designing Effective Testimonial Pictorial Warning Labels for Tobacco Products” (Health Communication)
  • 7/12/18 – Joseph Turow. “Persistent Misperceptions: Americans’ Misplaced Confidence in Privacy Policies, 2003 – 2015” (Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media)
  • 7/27/18 – Matthew Brook O’Donnell, Rui Pei, Emily Falk. “Adolescents Neural Responses to Antismoking Messages, Perceived Effectiveness, and Sharing Intention” (Media Psychology)


  • 8/1/18 – John B. Jemmott III. “HIV Care Continuum Outcomes of Pregnant Women Living With HIV With and Without Depression” (AIDS Care)
  • 8/17/18 – John B. Jemmott III. “Effect of a Behavioral Intervention on Perpetrating and Experiencing Forced Sex Among South African Adolescents: A Secondary Analysis of a Cluster Randomized Trial” (JAMA Network Open)
  • 8/18/18 – Steven Tompson, Emily Falk. “Response Inhibition in Adolescents is Moderated by Brain Connectivity and Social Network Structure” (bioRxiv)
  • 8/22/18 – Yphtach Lelkes. “Selling Ourselves Short? How Abbreviated Measures of Personality Change the Way We Think About Personality and Politics” (The Journal of Politics)
  • 8/28/18 – Bruce Dore, Elisa Baek, Matthew Brook O’Donnell, Emily Falk. “Brain Activity Tracks Population Information Sharing by Capturing Consensus Judgments of Value” (Cerebral Cortex)
  • 8/28/18 – Joseph Capella. “Perceived Message Effectiveness Meets the Requirements of a Reliable, Valid, and Efficient Measure of Persuasive” (Journal of Communication)
  • Book Chapter: Victor Pickard. “American Media and the Rise of Trump” in Communication in the Age of Trump (Peter Lang)
  • Book Chapter: Victor Pickard. “Media Activism from Above and Below: Lessons From the 1940s Reform Movement” in Media, Ideology and Hegemony (Brill)