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Angela Won

Networked Smoking Cessation

In an online experiment, we use engineered social networks to harness peer influence among smokers and nonsmokers in such a way that counteracts and eliminates biased interpretations of warning labels.

Social Origin of Inequality

We explore stability of status hierarchy by introducing fair social exchanges within a stratified population. We also investigate effects of network structure in these processes.

Communicating Climate Change

In this study, we provide a method for facilitating cross-party communication that eliminates biased interpretations of climate data among conservatives, while also improving the interpretations of liberals.

Physician Reasoning

This project is designed to understand how encouraging information flow between physicians and institutions can improve the accuracy of medical diagnoses.

Support or Competition?

In a randomized controlled trial, we evaluate the effects of social support and social comparison independently, and in combination, to determine how social motivations for behavior change directly impact people’s exercise activity.